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Virtual Private Networks

Network Essentials technicians and engineers are busy implementing Virtual Private Networks and Virtual Local Area Networks. These work very similar to each other except that one (the VLAN) takes advantage of the Zipp Fiber Network and the other uses an encrypted "tunnel" over a DSL, cable or wireless broadband connection to the Internet. Both implementations allow a business to have offices that may be separated by long distances appear to be on the same LAN.

We recently put a local social service agency's Quincy office on the LAN of their headquarters in Moses Lake. We installed a VPN client machine at the Quincy end and configured it to create an encrypted tunnel to the server in Moses Lake. Now the employees in Quincy can do their work on the headquarters server and still print their results on a printer next to their desks.

We connected this agency's Grand Coulee office to the Moses Lake headquarters using a Zipp Fiber "special VLAN" which takes advantage of the connectivity between those two cities offered by the PUD's fiber system. Just like the Quincy employees, those in Grand Coulee can work on their headquarters' network just as though they had an office in the building in Moses Lake. And at minimal cost.

Our focus also includes backup systems. We are implementing local backups using very large USB hard drives for faster speed both in backup and restore. These devices are changed on a weekly basis and even can betaken off-site for a secure retention of data in the event of catastrophe. We also offer a remote backup system.

Contact us at 509-750-8556 if you think one of these solutions could make your business run more efficiently and save you money.


School Districts

Our technicians and engineers are working with school districts around Grant County to help them operate more efficiently and with less administration costs. We are using regular PCs running Linux to provide web servers, email servers, network storage servers and other services and in the process saving money and increasing reliability.

These same solutions can work wonders for the mid-sized corporation or municipal agency by allowing efficient, reliable networking over large geographical areas. Corporations can retain control over their domain names by locating their servers inside their own network and using their own personnel to do most of the routine administration (like adding users, etc.) while Network Essentials personnel are available for the more demanding technical tasks. Because of the versatility of Linux, most work can be done remotely saving the cost of having a technician drive to the site.

We are concentrating our work on Linux because of the way that operating system allows us to save our clients money while keeping them safe from extraneous worries (like managing licenses). Network Essentials has been implementing solutions for Microsoft networks using Linux storage servers since 1998. Call us at 509-750-8556 if your business could benefit from our expertise.

System Administration

Network Essentials system engineers can monitor your organizations network servers and routers and dispatch help when there is a problem. Our ability to spot problems as they develop allows us to be "johnny-on-the-spot" to fix problems often before our clients know there is one. Using the latest in remote admin technology, we can manage domains, IP addressing schemes, and other work without leaving our network center in Moses Lake.

If you have a large network and would like to hear about our remote monitoring capabilities, call us at 509-750-8556 and arrange for one of our representatives to come talk to you.

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